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About Us

With your stake in, you care for the Cardano network and invest in real, green decentralization.


Afer more then 10 years in the IT Security domain, managing and supervising security incidents on various IT domains, we gained the knowledge to secure next generations payment.


We operate a state-of-the art grid of Cardano nodes and have safeguarding concepts for various fail-over scenarios in place. We are here to stay and have been running IT projects with superior SLA for over 15 years.


Blockchains rely on a decentralized network of independent authorities - not only major cooperations. We take our part to ensure a free blockchain.

Green Blockchain

Electricity waste is not acceptablie building tomorrows payment! All our nodes run on 100% green electricity and we defined hardware configurations which run stable under 0.05 kW/h per node.

We focus on quality and sustainability

As a staked validator, we are responsible for the stability of today’s and tomorrows payment and proof-of-validity system. Understanding this, we deeply care and focus on six different key areas to steadily enhance in.

99,5 % Uptime

We work on a stable mesh network of multiple nodes to provide stable operations in different fail-over scenarios.

Security harden & Up-to-Date code-base

Our nodes exclusively run in security harden docker images on indipendent machines. Security best-practices from productive server operation has been applied.

Advanced setup of coldkeys

100% following our internal key generation process to keep private keys where they belong to.

Long term partner

We invest 50% of all net gains back into new nodes, more efficient hardware, renewable power generation and sophisticated stability measures.

Low Cost Staking

Staking needs to be open to everyone. We take the absolut minimum fixed fee, defined by the Cardano network (not us) and an under-market variable percentage. Check us on adapools or pooltool!

Make it understandable

While for us it is crucial to have deep knowledge of the IT space surrounding Cardano, we accept that it must be easy for everyone. Therefore, we provide step-by-step guidance to understand and leverage.

Eco-sustainable, decentralized operation

Our nodes are powered by 100% green electricity, partly directly from solar panels.

A stable, decentralized, multi-layer network guarantees high uptime without unnecessary power waste.

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Our pool runs 24/7/365 to support the Cardano network and generate possible rewards!
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Our Skills

We can leverage from a wide range of experience in 15+ years in IT and IT Security.

Let’s be honest, operating staking pools is a pretty technical job and requires thoughtful thinking and clear rules. is brought to you from IT people with the interest of growing an independent Cardano network.

  • 01- IT-Security

  • 02- DevOps in Productive Environments

  • 03- Software Development

  • 04- Management

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